Monday, June 28, 2010

Just a little bit of glamour...

Just a little bit about the past few days: I got to go to a Make-over party at Eden Spa on Thursday night. So I got pampered while Mackey went to his friend Anthony's birthday party. I really needed it. Unfortunately Mom and Dad got stuck at my house repairing the floors from a water leak.....and then... the water leak came back.... I felt soooo bad for them! The floor in the hallway had to be ripped up AGAIN! I so owe them big time! So, anyways, we are supposed to get the leak looked at tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes..... Friday I got of at noon so Mom and I went shopping outside of Memphis. I really needed that too! :) I very rarely get to go shopping, let alone with Mom. It was a lot of fun! Saturday we went out to eat with Andrea & Jared at Spindini's, so I got to see Teriann as well! And as always, the food is fabulous! Church yesterday was great! And I got to relax too! Can't beat that!

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