Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Weekend

Well, my weekend was pretty good. Friday night Mackey and I went to our friend Earl's house to eat crawfish. And that's pretty much it!.....
Saturday, Dad came over to work on my floor, but it isn't going so well. My old floor doesn't match the new, so it all has to be replaced. I hate it, but probably not as much as Dad hates it.... I'll owe him BIG time! Yesterday I had lunch with my good friend Amy and Jamie. We went to Creegan's. It was okay. I think I'll stick to my usual resturants next time though~ And today was Father's Day. We had a great lunch at Mom and Dads. And the rest of my day included some much needed r&r.

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  1. So proud that you are updating!! Love the "yellow" Mackey's! lol